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My journey with Miss Philippines Global NZ


To enter this competition you must be: female, or identify and be certified as female; live here as your permanent and primary residence, and intend to make New Zealand your permanent home for at least six months before the final. (You can have attended college or university elsewhere during part or all of that period.) You must be at least 18 and no more than 30 on December 1, 2022 (that means you were born between December 1, 1992 and December 1, 2004).

The contestant must be able to demonstrate Filipino heritage. The minimum requirement is a grandparent on either side who has Philippine heritage. This does not mean you have to be a current Philippine citizen.

After reading this page your first step will be to ‘enter for 2022’. Click one of the links to enter.

Once the team at MPG NZ have reviewed your entry, we will be in touch with you via email and text in regard to an interview, it is vital that the details you supply to us are correct and that you respond to our communication promptly. We do not ‘chase’ contestants. If you are asked to attend an interview it will take place over Zoom at a pre-arranged and mutually agreed time.

If you are asked to attend an interview, then there is a good chance, (although it is not certain), that you will be asked to become a finalist. Before your interview takes place you will be required to pay a $49 registration fee. This fee is fully refundable if you are not subsequently offered a place as a finalist. If you are offered a place as a finalist then the amount of $49 will be deducted from your overall entry fee.
Once all of the interviews have been completed we will announce our finalists publicly.


My journey as a finalist


A key part of the competition commences after the finalists are announced. This is the Entrepreneurial Challenge, which we refer to as the EC. All contestants are required to take part in this challenge. The EC is an initiative that we set up in 2013, when running Miss Universe New Zealand, in order to benefit our chosen charity, and to date, our contestants have raised over $200,000 for deserving children.

The EC is designed to challenge contestants to think outside the square and to work outside what might be their comfort zone. You are expected to organize an event: this could be a fashion show, quiz night, dinner, auction; there are many options, and we will advise and support you in your efforts. Fifty per cent of the proceeds from the EC go straight to charity, and the remaining 50 per cent to your participation in the competition. It is very important you realize that MPG NZ is a bigger competition than any similar pageants, and clearly your entry fee does not cover the extraordinary journey that you will experience.

There is another reason why the EC is important. The contestant or contestants who have the highest totals in the EC receive immunity from elimination during the Grand Final when the contest moves to the top 10. EC totals are based on funds raised, sponsorship achieved, and tickets sold. The winner of the EC is presented with a sash during the Grand Final. The EC runs from the day the finalists are announced through to the week of the Grand Final. It is incredibly important that once you are confirmed as a finalist, you immediately start thinking about and planning your EC event.



MPG NZ offers a very comprehensive sponsorship proposal, with tiers ranging from Bronze through to Gold. Each finalist has to bring a Bronze sponsor to the competition. There is though no upper limit to the number of sponsors you bring into the competition, and all of these count toward your EC total.

Judging and voting


Public voting carries on through to the end of the first half of the Grand Final, and is a key part of MPG NZ. Therefore, your engagement with people on all platforms is crucial to your success. You do this through your use of social media (e.g. Facebook and Instagram), and we will give you guidelines and assistance. Voting is made via our own system, which is called iVote, and this is run by iTicket. This enables voters to purchase votes through voting bundles. The bundles are priced at $5. Each vote costs $1, and for every bundle sold, $1 goes to charity.

The Top 10 in MPG NZ 2022 are decided on a 50–50 basis, the public vote representing 50 per cent of that result, and the remaining 50 per cent is governed by our judging panel, which is made up of industry experts. However, there are two exceptions.

The People's Choice winner, i.e. the finalist who receives the most votes, is guaranteed a place in the Top 10.

The winner of the EC, as we've mentioned, receives immunity from elimination and automatically gains a place in the Top 10.

The Top 5 and the final result are chosen by our judges.


Finalists’ Retreat and Grand Final


All qualifying finalists (those who honour all aspects of their agreement with MPG NZ) will be invited to attend the Finalists' Retreat. You'll need to get yourself to Auckland, which is the MPG NZ base, and you will have plenty of notice of the date. Then you will spend four days with your fellow finalists before the Grand Final. Your accommodation, breakfast every day, and any and all activities will be paid for.

The Grand Final date for 2022 has not yet been fixed but it will be confirmed very soon, and is likely to be in later in 2022. It will be filmed on multiple cameras.

The Grand Final itself is a spectacular show with top entertainers and, of course, all the drama and climax that the biggest and best Philippine beauty pageant in New Zealand brings with it. It will be part of a spectacular night of entertainment called An Invitation from the Ambassador, and will be conducted in the presence of His Excellency Jesus ‘Gary’ S. Domingo.


MPG NZ: the detail

From the time that you put in your registration, you are being judged. You need to pay attention to your activity on social media, making sure that it is in line with the expectations of MPG NZ.

MPG NZ costs tens of thousands of dollars to stage. It is filmed in high definition. Over half a million people have watched the online video content that we, as an organization, have produced in the last nine years.

MPG NZ is funded through your entry fee, sponsorship, ticket sales, public voting, and a number of other revenue streams. However we realize that the last 2 years have been tough and challenging for everyone, and so in an unprecedented move, we are making the entry fee $499. This is the lowest entry fee that any comparable competition has charged in memory.

Below we have summarized the total costs that MPG NZ requires from you. We have also listed nominal values associated with what you will receive. As you can see, MPG NZ subsidizes your journey to a very significant degree.


Your commitment to us

• Entry fee
• Securing a Bronze sponsorship
• Ticket sales: we expect you to sell 10 tickets
• Full participation in the Entrepreneurial Challenge. As a qualifying finalist, you are required to hold an event.
• Travel to Auckland for the Retreat and Grand Final


Our commitment to you

• Choice of hiring a gown from our extensive stock. Any alterations and a cleaning fee may be charged
• Provision of swimwear and/or some leisurewear, which you get to keep
• Provision of jewellery
• Finalists’ prize pack (value $100)
• New Zealand Finalists’ Retreat (value $500)

and being part of the biggest and best Filipina pageant in New Zealand.

However, we realize that entering the competition represents a substantial investment from you in time and money, but we would like to stress that this journey, should you be successful, is likely to be life-changing. You will be making an investment in yourself and your future.

The winner of MPG NZ will take part in the first Miss Philippines Global pageant, which we hope to see staged in Manila within three years. MPG NZ pays all associated entry and registration costs for the international final. The winner will also receive a holiday, with all accommodation covered.

We hope this has energized you. There’s only one more thing to do, and that’s to enter now! You can contact us [email protected], and begin your journey.


Our banking details are:
Name: The Miss New Zealand Consortium Ltd.
Bank: ASB Bank
Branch: Kilbirnie
Account number: 12-3481-0014385-00